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Big data. No waiting.

Our mission is combining big data with rocket fast visualization technologies.
Giving you access to your data
everywhere, everytime, instantly

About NetAllied

Founded in 2002, NetAllied is a leader in solving the most difficult tasks in 3D software development.
Blending a unique and in-depth knowledge of CAD and factory planning with the most modern
visualization algorithms, we create software solving challenging problems for prominent customers.

We are located in southern Germany at the beautiful Bodensee near Ravensburg.

What we do

We provide solutions for tomorrow's engineering needs.
  • Smart solutions for the aerospace, automotive and defense industry
  • Innovative software for "Industrie 4.0"
  • Specializing in factory planning software and engineering reporting
  • DMU4All is our solution to give you instant access to your most complex 3D data


Our technology

  • Distributed, asynchronous and massively parallelized algorithms
  • Handling arbitrarily large 3D data sets using out of core techniques
  • Web technologies to easily customize and integrate solutions
  • High performance native CAD file readers and writers
  • Agile software development

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Our customers

We work together with the best

Schulz Group

We're part of something bigger.

Founded thirty years ago, the Schulz Group has a long history of engineering and production experience in the automotive industry. As a privately held firm we can operate dynamically and focus on growth, while maintaining all the advantages of a family-run company.

Our 400 engineers design production plants, develop components and implement software solutions. We also create highly efficient lithium-ion battery systems for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage.

The company generates a turnover of more than sixty million Euros per year, achieving yearly growth rates of over twenty percent.

More about Schulz Group


2019-11-05 | prostep ivip 5th JT Day

Meet us at the 5th JT Day in Sindelfingen.


2019-10-16 | UberEngine for Unreal

UberEngine for Unreal is available now!


2019-10-15 | Build: München '19

On stage at the Unreal Engine Build: München '19 for Automotive.


2017-10-17 | JT Day at BOSCH

Meet us at the 3rd JT Day


2017-07-19 | Daimler EDM PDM Forum

Successful presentation of DMU4All at the EDM Forum


04.08.2016 | 30 years Schulz Group

We have been celebrating our 30th company anniversary


04.08.2016 | hosted automationml meeting

Hosted the AutomationML user meeting in our new office.


04.08.2016 | new office

Finally our new office is available.


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